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Please use this link to fill out your online Covid-19 waiver for the new cohort season. If you have never filled one out, the complete form must be signed and used and this link will not be valid. This is only for returning players who have filled out the declaration.

Winter 2021 Youth and Tyke Registration NOW OPEN!

Winter 2021 Youth and Tyke registration will launch on Monday, November 8th.  Our goal is to again have a complete season, including playoffs.  


There is a temporary problem with the Tyke Winter 2021 registration form delaying registration, we hope to have it resolved very shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

In the event the season needs to be shortened or postponed, a pro-rated refund will be given for each missed session.  We hope this will not be needed, but we will not charge any fees for refunded sessions in the event it does happen.  If the entire season is cancelled, a full refund will be issued.

We are now planning for a start date of January 9th, 2021.  This format of the season will be determined closer to the start date and be based on the Government rules at the time of the program launch.  

Plan A

If we are allowed to increase cohort sizes, or Government officials allow more regular play, we will use that route.  This will seem more like the traditional league play.  Games will proceed 5v5 in normal age groups and divisions.  Playoffs will continue as normal in December.

Plan B

If cohort rules stay the same, we will organize all the kids into cohort groups of 48 or less.  Games will still be played, but with teams remaining in cohort groups of 48 or less for the duration of the season.   Cohort groups will be based on age, and in the case of more that one cohort per age group, we will base it on skill.

Buddies will always be placed in the same cohort group.  We will be slightly flexible with cohort groups to allow this to take place.  

At the end of the season, each cohort group will have their own playoffs, finals and awards.  

More details will be available as we know more.

Tyke Registration is also open with the same guidelines.  This program is slated to start early February.


Youth Elite Player Development Camp

We are excited for this new offering which will begin October 20th at the Vision Sports Centre.